DRESS CODE: Proper attire and hair etiquette are required for all classes. Parents, please assist your dancer(s) in dressing appropriately and arriving at the studio ready for classes. Hair: All students must have hair in a secure bun or French braid with hair net and bangs back. Please note: Jewelry, outdoor shoes, and/or jeans are not permitted. Students will not be allowed to wear big t-shirts, sweatshirts or sweatpants in class.   Students may not be permitted to dance if they are not properly dressed.

Note: Visit Performing Fabrics Nanaimo for colour guidelines for the following classes:


Pre-School, Pre-Primary & Primary

  • Pink cap sleeve style leotard
  • Pink tights
  • Pink ballet full leather sole slippers with elastic
  • Pink dance skirt

Kinder Mix Combo – same as above to include: Black patent or leather tap shoes (with elastic fasten), black leather jazz shoes (optional). Can wear ballet shoes for Jazz.

Grade One to Five 

  • Blue #66 or Purple # PB cap or tank style bodysuit
  • Pink ballet tights
  • Pink ballet slippers with elastics
  • Black Character Shoes and Skirt

Grade Pre Elementary to Senior levels

  • Any style bodysuit mentioned above including Maroon #RR, Navy #90 or Black
  • Matching chiffon skirt – for exams only
  • Black Character Shoes and Skirt – for exams only

Jazz/Tap/Modern/Musical Theatre/Acro

Grade Primary to Senior Levels

  • Same style bodysuit and colour as Ballet grades
  • Black slip-on jazz shoes (no laces).
  • Nude slip on jazz shoes (no laces) – for competition grades Five to Senior levels.
  • Black Jazz shorts
  • Black tap shoes for Tap
  • Bare feet for Modern and Acro
  • Pink tights (convertible)

BOYS (All above classes):Black Pants, tights or Shorts, white fitted t-shirt. Shoes: Ballet – black or white, leather full sole ballet shoe.

No jewelry or watches to be worn in class. Small earrings are acceptable. Do not leave any money or valuables in the studio or waiting area.

The studio will not be responsible for anything that goes missing.  Cel phones brought into class requires that volume beturned off and cel phone placed in basket during class.  NO access to cel phone during class time is permitted.