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Handbook & Terms of Service

UPDATED: November 20, 2023

In participating in our programs and using our website you agree to the following Handbook & Terms of Service.

Classes subject to change. Must have a minimum of 6 dancers per class.

You can now register on-line! To register on-line for our programs you will need to first create an account with us, if you haven't done so already. As of June 7, 2021 we have an improved method for registering and paying and managing your account, students, enrollments, orders, and more.

Welcome to Tempo Dance Academy!

For new and returning students, we ask that you review this handbook to help you understand our guidelines and policies.

Thank you for taking the time to read through this handbook. We are happy to answer any of your questions. Please do not hesitate to contact us at anytime. Let us know how things are going throughout the year and please share any concerns you may have - we will do our best to address them promptly.

Please note:

Our dance season runs from September to the end of May. The school closes for most statutory holidays, three weeks at Christmas, and two weeks at spring break. Please be sure to check Important Dates to confirm any closures. Classes are held on all School District 68 (SD68) PD days.

Dancers registered in any outside dance related companies such as Prism, Nanaimo Ballet, Dance streams etc. or in another school must notify the office upon registration. Our school will be considered your HOME SCHOOL where all activities, events etc. will be required to have full commitment. We will do our best to accommodate outside activities upon request but will not be expected to change our schedules or alter dates without notification.

Age Requirements: The cutoff date for age requirements is December 31st - same as school. Enroll your dancers in their appropriate age group - dancers not enrolled in the appropriate age group will be withdrawn and will need to register again.

Wait Lists: If you find that a class is presently full, please put your name on the wait list by clicking the 'Wait List' link to the right of a class you want. We use the wait lists to determine which classes we will need to open more of. We will attempt to accommodate everyone's needs as to dance style, ages and times.

See also:

Class Attendance

Regular attendance is vital to your dancer’s progress and group choreography. We expect that each dancer make every effort to attend each class. If you miss more than three of the final twelve classes before a competition or year end performance you may be dismissed from participating in the routine at the discretion of the teacher.

Class Changes

Teacher assignments will be announced before classes begin in September. Tempo Dance Academy reserves the right to reschedule or combine classes, or to provide a substitute teacher. Tempo Dance Academy reserves the right to deliver class content via an online system in the event that classes are not able to be conducted live for any reason including, but not limited to: weather, teacher absence, or governmental advisory - all tuition fees, costumes etc. are not refundable if this occurs.

Class Placement

Instructors will determine placement of all students at the time of registration and throughout the season. If changes need to be made in levels/classes, we will do our best to discuss these changes with you within the first three weeks of classes. It is of the utmost importance that every student is placed in the appropriate class and level. Proper placement will be determined upon assessment of the student.

Class Observation

During the Covid period all visitors are suspended until further notice. In an effort to maximize both instructional time and observational time, parent observation will be permitted for the last half hour of class on scheduled dates - please see Important Dates. Other observations are at the teacher's discretion. We ask that you observe quietly, that cell phones be turned off, and that siblings are limited/ monitored and quiet during observations. 

Closures for weather or other means

If we need to close the school for inclement weather or other means beyond our control, we will post an alert on the website and send an email notification by noon on the day of. When possible, we will do our best to proceed with online classes. Even if we remain open, please do not attempt to come to class if you are uncomfortable with the road conditions or in any way concerned for your safety.


Important studio and class information will be sent to the primary contacts email address as provided in your on-line account. If you do not wish to receive such email, you may opt out, or remove your email address at any time. However, since this is our primary form of communication with you, we urge you to keep at least one email address on file so you do not miss important and/or time-sensitive information. You will receive weekly (What’s Happening this Week) emails keeping you informed of schedule changes, dates, and other important events. Tempo Dance will not be responsible for information not received. It is the parent’s responsibility to keep up with all communication throughout the season. In addition, join our Tempo Dance Parent and Student Facebook page.

Costumes & Costume Fees

All Classes participating in the year-end show must purchase a costume. Dancers are measured and sized by Tempo Dance staff during class time. The studio will use sample sizes to try on to check for accuracy. Once fitted, costumes are non refundable and cannot be returned. Tempo Dance is not responsible for growing spurts if this occurs during measuring time and arrival times. The school is not responsible for any alterations or rips and tears that occur once costumes have been issued out.

For each class performing in our year-end recital or competition there will be a costume fee due at the time of registration. This fee includes the costume, sizing, ordering, and shipping. The same costume is used for any festival competition if applicable. In addition to costumes, all students are responsible for supplying their own appropriate dance shoes, undergarments (second skin), tights, hair accessories and make-up.


For centuries students have referred to their dance instructors by their pronoun and their first name. Irene Booth is referred to as Ms. Irene. We maintain this tradition at Tempo Dance as an important part of dance culture and as a demonstration of respect for the instructor.

Dress Code

Proper attire and hair etiquette are required for all classes. Our dress codes are traditional, but are mostly for instructional and safety purposes. Please be sure to assist your dancer(s) in dressing appropriately and arriving at the studio ready for classes.

Hair: All students are required to have hair in a secure bun with hair net and bangs back.

Important: Jewelry, outdoor shoes, and/or jeans, big t-shirts, sweatshirts or sweatpants are not permitted in class. Instructors are not able to assess students if they are not properly dressed. The studio will not be responsible for anything that goes missing. Cell phones brought into class requires that volume be turned off and placed in basket during class. NO access to cell phone during class time is permitted.

Note: Visit Performing Fabrics Nanaimo for colour guidelines for the following classes. For used dancewear check out our Used Dancewear post.


Pre School to Primary: Pink cap style bodysuit, ballet pink tights, pink ballet skirt, pink (leather full-sole) ballet slippers.

Kinder Mix Combo: Pink cap style bodysuit, ballet pink tights, pink ballet skirt, pink (leather full sole) ballet slippers and black patent or leather tap shoes (with elastic fasten), black leather jazz shoes (optional). Can wear ballet shoes for Jazz.

Grades One to Five: Blue #66 or Purple # PB cap or tank style bodysuit, ballet pink tights, pink (leather full-sole) ballet slippers. Black Character Skirt with matching school ribbons.

Pre-Elementary to Senior levels: Any style bodysuit mentioned above including Maroon #RR, Navy #90 or Black, ballet pink tights, matching chiffon skirt (exam only optional), pink (full leather or canvas split-sole) ballet slippers. Black Character Skirt with matching school ribbons.

Jazz, Lyrical & Contemporary / Modern: For all grades - same style bodysuit and colour as Ballet grades including black slip-on jazz shoes (no laces), Black Jazz shorts. For higher-level classes (Pre Elementary to Senior Level) beige slip on jazz shoes (no laces) and beige jazz socks for competitions.

Tap: Same style bodysuit and colour as Ballet and Jazz grades, Black patent or leather Tap shoes with no laces

Musical Theatre: Black bodysuit (tank style) pink tights, black jazz shorts, black jazz shoes with no laces.

Boys (all above classes): Black Pants, white tights or Shorts, white fitted t-shirt, black or white leather ballet shoe.


We are very pleased to offer the Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) Ballet Exams and the Canadian Dance Teachers’ Association Exams in Jazz and Tap during our season / school year. Eligible classes and/or students will be selected early in the season and will work towards a Fall or Spring Exam session. Participation is not mandatory, but is encouraged. Extra fees apply and special attire is required. Exam fees can range from $60 up to $130 depending on the level taken. In addition, class fees for extra lessons start at $85 depending on the grade and length of class. If your dancer has been selected to participate in an examination or class award session, you will receive notice and all details by email. Dancers are required to demonstrate consistent work ethics and mandatory attendance to be considered. If students follow through with their exams in tap, jazz, and ballet they can earn multiple credits at the Grade 11 level and Grade 12 level. These courses will appear on their BC high school transcript and count toward graduation from high school. Please speak to Ms. Irene for more information on this program.

Festival Competitions

Like every sport, dance has a competitive outlet as well. From Pre Elementary to Senior Level class minimum 2 hours of ballet and jazz are required per week. Our competitive classes will have the opportunity for our dancers to perform in two main competitions. The Nanaimo Festival (Mid-Island) is generally sometime in March held at Beban Park Auditorium and the Core Dance Festival is held at the end of April or early May at the Port Theatre. Dancers may also choose to compete individually, in solos or duets. As with all competitive sports, if you choose to go this route it requires an extra level of dedication to your own skills and to the needs of the team. Dancers who choose to enter competitive classes are expected to be at the majority of their classes and at all rehearsals close to competition time. It’s a lot of work but a lot of fun! We support and encourage our competitive dancers but we also like to maintain a focus on fun and a balanced life. Extra Studio Time - If a dancer wants to get some extra practice time in, they are welcome to sign up for unused studio space when the studio is open. Please make all arrangements by emailing Ms. Irene.

Festival – Solos, Duets, Trios

All dancers at Tempo Dance are encouraged to take part in either a Solo, Duet, or Trio. Students must register during EARLY REGISTRATION. Late applications will only be accepted if time permits and if a suitable choreographer is available. Dancers must be registered in order to apply. Due to liability and conflicting concerns, we cannot accept non-registered dancers. *Please note that not all entries will be accepted.

Choreography Fees: Include 3 hours of choreography rehearsals, which may be divided into 4 x 45 minute blocks or 3 x 1 hour blocks. Competitions costs to consider are: choreography, private lessons (if necessary), costumes, festival/competition entry fees, as well as music editing, administrative fees, etc. During festival a teacher will be appointed to be there to help warm up and assist your dancer - teachers attendance fees..


We have a few lockers available for our dancers to rent for the season costing $15. Priority goes to our older dancers registered in classes Elementary and up. You can reserve your locker(s) by ordering on-line here.


Parents and students are very welcome to hang out in the lobby while waiting. The studio waiting area will be for students only and ask that all parents remain in the common area when picking up or dropping off their dancers. We ask that you visit the office at the side door, when needing to come in to speak to office staff.

Lost & Found

A lost and found basket is located in the student change room near the waiting room. Please check the lost and found basket regularly as all lost and found items are donated at the end of each semester. Tempo Dance Academy is not responsible for any lost or stolen items. Please do not leave belongings unattended. Dancers are encouraged to take dance bags into classrooms with them or sign up for a locker to store items for the season.

Office Hours

Office hours are posted on the bottom of our website next to our contact information and also located on the office door. They do change at times when we are not in the studio or out in the community during competition times. Please do not hesitate to call or email Ms. Irene anytime you have a question or concern. Ms. Irene is not often at the studio as she works from her home office and will return emails as promptly as possible. Ms. Bailie is our office assistant and can take care of most concerns or can contact Ms. Irene directly.

Parking, Pick Up / Drop Off

When picking up or dropping off your dancer please be sure to park your car in one of the customer parking stalls. We would appreciate that you not drop off your child in front of the door as this blocks in coming traffic and can cause accidents. The handicap parking spot is not to be used at anytime. We have patrons in the building that rely on this spot.

Children under the age of eight should be escorted into the building. Please do not run inside the common area or outside the front door area. Use precaution at all times! Be Safe!

Performances & Special Events

Often the school is asked to perform at community events and we aim to accommodate as many requests as we can. Regular events may include community groups, festivals, multicultural celebrations etc. These are great opportunities for our dancers to get extra time in front of an audience and build some confidence.

Photo & Video Release

Tempo Dance Academy requires irrevocable permission to use a registered dancer’s image, name and visual likeness in all forms and media for any advertising purposes. All rights, title and interest in all such images and any reproductions or derivative works shall be the exclusive property of Tempo Dance Academy. Additionally, from time to time parents and students may opt to share videos, photos or other information on social media pages that may be used, hosted, created or referenced by Tempo Dance Academy. The party posting takes responsibility for all sharing or posting of such information and waives any claim against the Entities for the release of any protected information. If a registered dancer is under the age of 18 at the time of this agreement, the party signing makes this waiver on behalf of their child(ren) by releasing Tempo Dance Academy and its employees, agents and volunteers from all liability or legal responsibility that may arise from the acts that the parent authorized or consented to herein. In addition, Tempo Dance Academy does not owe any compensation for the above acts in this Section.

Privacy Policy

Protecting your privacy is important to us. Our privacy policy complies with the requirements of the Privacy Act. Protecting your privacy means we will NOT sell, rent or otherwise provide your personal information or our customer lists to persons not associated with the provision of our services and merchandise. We collect personal information only with your consent and by fair and lawful means, and for the purpose(s) for which you have given consent. We keep your personal information and the business you do with us confidential, and we employ appropriate security safeguards.

Private Lessons

Private lesson fees are non-refundable and due at the time of booking. If cancellation notice is received by Tempo Dance with 24 hours notice, a credit will be applied to your account. If 24 hours notice has not been received, your fee will be forfeited.

Additional Fees: For any events outside of class such as exams, performances, workshops, conventions or private lessons fees are prepaid in order to participate. Applications for additional events will be available to students as they become available and they are to be returned to Tempo Dance with payment by the expected due dates. Once the applications and fees are sent into the studio, there are no refunds - no exceptions. These fees are paid on your behalf and do not involve the school. The school will not be responsible for any refunds once submitted to the appropriate event. Please always check deadlines on these applications in order to avoid disappointment.

Registration & Recital Fees

Registration & Recital Fees per student are due at registration. These fees include all rehearsals at the studio and theatre during the week of the show. These fees are charged at the time of registration. Costume & Performer’s Fees are non-refundable and go towards fees associated with our year-end performance. If you withdraw from a class your costume and performer’s fee will be forfeited.

Safety & Security

In the event of an incident or emergency we have plans for handling the situation or evacuating of the studio. Please take the time to look at the evacuation signs in the different parts of the studio and familiarize yourself with the closest exits to the locations you’re in. In the event of an emergency the instructors will take charge of the scene and will let you know what to do. Please follow their instructions and assist as requested. While the studio is a very safe place, we have in the past had incidents of theft. Please do not leave valuables unattended in the dressing rooms or lobby. Take them with you into your classes. Your instructor will let you know where you can put your things. We are not responsible for lost or stolen items.

Used Dancewear

For used dancewear check out our blog page.


I understand that there are risks of physical injury associated with, arising out of and inherent to the activity of dance. In recognition of this acknowledged risk of injury, I knowingly and voluntarily waive all rights and/ or causes of action of any kind, including any and all claims of negligence arising as a result of such activity from which liability could accrue to Tempo Dance Academy, it’ officers, agents, employees, instructors, subsidiaries, parent corporations, and all affiliated entities (hereinafter collectively referred to as “Tempo Dance Academy”.

I hereby agree to release Tempo Dance Academy and hold Tempo Dance Academy harmless of all liability, and hereby acknowledge that I knowingly and voluntarily assume full responsibility for all risks of physical injury arising out of active participation in dance on behalf of the participant named below.

I am aware that this is a release of liability and an acknowledgement of my voluntary and knowing assumption of the risk of injury. I have signed this document voluntarily and of my own free will in exchange for the privilege of participation.

I also give Tempo Dance Academy permission to use my child’s picture in or on any form of advertisement /social media for Tempo Dance Academy or a Tempo Dance Academy affiliated event. If I am a minor, my parent and / or legal guardian has also signed this document releasing Tempo Dance Academy from any and all such liability described above and has acknowledged that I am knowingly and voluntarily assuming all risks of injury inherent to this activity.

The participant has my permission to participate in Tempo Dance Academy Events. I warrant the below information is complete and correct. I further release Tempo Dance Academy of all liabilities associated with my child’s attendance at Tempo Dance Academy. 

Withdrawal, Change, & Refunds Policy

These policies are in place to give all our dancers the best possible experience and to make it fair for everyone while keeping our prices low and our programs full.

All withdrawal and change requests must be received in writing, by email from the primary account holder.

Tuition, registration fees and costume fees are non-refundable. Refunds will not be issued for classes missed due to absences, holidays, studio breaks, or closings for weather or other means. Refunds will only be issued if Tempo Dance Academy cancels a class due to insufficient enrollment. Refunds will not be given if a similar on-line class is provided in place of an in-studio class. Account credit may be given in the event of a medical emergency with a physician notice and will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Any credit applied to an account, will be applied to any Tempo Dance Academy tuition or fees due within one year.

  • Program withdrawal, or cancellation, requests received after the end of the 4th class are not refunded and the full order amount is owed and when applicable all future installment payments will continue. Your space in a class is reserved for you (the dancer) for the year.
  • Program withdrawal, or cancellation, requests will not receive refunds for additional fees, which may include costume fees, festival fees, competitive entry fees, recital fees.
  • An admin fee of $30.00 is applicable for each program cancellation or change (move/switch/transfer) completed as requested. When the studio cancels or changes a program the admin fee is waived – this can occur when there are not enough students to run a program.
  • Program cancellation requests received before August 1 will receive a full refund of the amount received less 3.5% processing fee and the admin fee of $30.00.
  • Program cancellation requests received on or after August 1 and before the end of the 4th class will receive a refund of 80% the full tuition less 3.5% processing fee on amounts received and the admin fee of $30.00, when applicable future installment payments will be cancelled.
  • Should the need arise for the studio to ask a parent to withdraw a dancer; a refund of the unused tuition balance will be made less a 3.5% processing fee on the amount received, when applicable future installment payments will be cancelled.

Year-end Performance

We end our season with our Year-End Performance. All students will participate. Year-End Performance and mandatory dress rehearsal dates will be tentatively published in our email column, and in our May newsletter. Finalized schedules will be released in early May. Tickets will be available for purchase through a ticketing service in April. Ticket prices typically range from $20-$30 depending on venue, and ticketing fees.

Please note: If you have multiple students in dance or your child is in multiple classes we cannot guarantee that they will be in the same show. The scheduling is very difficult. On the positive side, if your kids are in both shows you will get to see 2 amazing dance shows in one day!!

Again, Thank You!

Thank you for taking the time to read through this handbook. We are happy to answer any of your questions. Please do not hesitate to contact us at anytime. Let us know how things are going throughout the year and please share any concerns you may have - we will do our best to address them promptly.

Welcome to Tempo Dance Academy!

Irene Booth, Owner/Director

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