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Genevieve Caron

Genevieve Caron

Jazz, Lyrical, Modern, Choreography

Geneviève Caron is a modern, contemporary, jazz, lyrical and hip-hop instructor and choreographer. For the last 25 years, she has trained dancers of all ages and levels as well as danced and choreographed for Professional and Jr sports teams, Canadian Army Tours, corporate shows, video clips and many different events throughout Canada. Originally from Québec, Geneviève started dancing at the young age of 4 and hasn’t stopped since! She studied ballet, jazz, modern and hip-hop styles and proudly graduated from the Université du Québec a Montréal with a Bachelor’s Degree in Modern and Contemporary dance; creation and interpretation. She still takes dance classes every chance she gets and has attended many continuing education conventions and conferences, such as the Dance Teacher Web conference in Las Vegas this past August. She is a member of PAEC and IADA. She moved to BC in 2005 and loves all that the Island has to offer! She currently lives in Nanaimo with her husband and 2 kids and has been teaching at Tempo Dance Academy since 2006. Miss Geneviève believes in the artistic potential of every student but also feels that dance should be fun and accessible to all!

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